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All of our products are shipped via FedEx from our location in Atlanta, Georgia.
Packages are shipped based on weight, and we will be happy to supply you with the shipping cost at the time of order.

FedEx ground delivery is next-day to Georgia, two-day to Florida, Alabama, North & South Carolina.

If you are in need of checks next day, whether you're in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dallas, Texas or Beverly Hills, California, we will be happy to send you 100 checks next-day air, with the balance of your checks shipping ground. We also offer a less expensive 2day service for 1,000 checks.


FedEx Ground
FedEx 2Day
FedEx Priority Overnight

Recommended for most orders
Recommended for western locations
Recommended for all emergencies

payment methods

If you are interested in purchasing anything on this site, please give us a call, (800) 84CHECK (or 321-733-8996). A sales representative will promptly confirm all information with you, so the order will be processed today.

For your convenience, we accept


privacy policy

Contact information including email address, telephone number, business address, etc., which are provided by the user, are used solely for the purpose of completing the order. Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, and billing address, is used solely to bill the customer for their order.  

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